Tom Mitchell-Taverner


Cint | APAC

Tom was educated in Melbourne and went on to study Architecture at Deakin University, graduating in 2007. During this time he spent a number of years working in the USA, UK, and Hong Kong studying the layout of cities, cultures, and the built environment. Upon registration as an Architect (in 2000) he sought further study in Business and Marketing at Swinburne University. While he has come a long way from his architectural training, the passion for design and creativity remains fundamental to his outlook on business. While working as an Architect Tom developed expertise in Quality Assurance and Environmental Management. He employed these skills in a range of practices and architectural disciplines in Melbourne, Hong Kong, London and Abu Dhabi, and gained hands-on experience on some of the world’s biggest Architectural projects. Tom embarked on a change in career in 2006 when he returned from London and joined the family business, Taverner Research, as Development Manager. At Taverner he also headed up the joint-venture subsidiary Thermometer Surveys, a syndicated study of public opinion in relation to climate change. When the opportunity came along to bring Cint to Australia in 2009, it was an ideal launching pad into the world of online research. Tom is now Director of Cint Australia Pty Ltd, a joint venture partnership with Cint AB in Sweden. The company specializes in SaaS software solutions offering efficient, user-friendly consumer access, as well as online panel management products that are accessible worldwide 24/7. An active member of the local market research industry Tom was an AMSRS NSW committee member from 2011 to 2014, including founding chair of the AMSRS Online Service Group, regularly attends industry events throughout APAC, and has contributed a number of articles to Research News. Tom is also currently Non-Executive Director of GQtool Pty Ltd (GroupQuality), an Australian start-up specialising in online customer feedback & insight software.