Nicola Hepenstall



Nicola is Managing Director of Hall & Partners Open Mind. She has worked extensively across all facets of advertising and communications research. With a particular interest in media research and the impact of new technologies on consumer behaviour, she draws on her academic work in the area of information processing as well as her experience measuring consumer behaviour for Australia’s readership and media survey. At Hall & Partners Open Mind, she applies her specialist knowledge to evaluating the effectiveness of communications campaigns for Government and some of Australia’s largest private companies. In her role as President of AMSRO (The Association for Market and Social Research Organisations), Nicola has taken a high profile in steering improvements in quality and ethical standards across the industry. As President of AMSRO, she has overseen the launch of the industry’s Trustmark and development of the new Market & Social Research Privacy Code 2014 in response to the new Australian Privacy Principles.