Ken Roberts


Forethought Research

Ken Roberts, opened the Forethought doors and solved the first client question in July 1994. He has led Forethought to be ranked Australia’s most commercially effective and innovative insights- driven growth consultancy and has been at the core of the shift into share gaining for many Australian and now North American brands. Forethought has been lauded internationally for frame-breaking work that informs growth strategy and action. The uniting feature of Ken’s work has been growth through Gain and Retain based initiatives and campaigns. In the past few years from Forethought NYC he has been working with brands like ExxonMobil, Kimberly-Clark, dineEquity, Nestle and jetBlue. Along the way he has received awards from WARC, AMSRS, INFORMS, the ARF. His work and thinking has been extensively published including in the Journal of Marketing Science and ADMAP. Ken is a member of the Monash Marketing Department’s Advisory Board and a former Associate Professor at Melbourne Business School.