Derek Jones

Managing Director

D&M Research

Derek runs the boutique agency D&M Research which he founded in 1994 after working both client and agency side. In addition to his stewardship of the company, Derek maintains an active role in providing research services, bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge in advanced research methods to both D&M and its clients. Derek was formally educated as a Psychologist at UNSW, and has the additional qualification of QPMR* from the Australian Market and Social Research Society. Derek is a passionate research presenter and story teller who is often quoted and interviewed by the Press. He has won numerous awards including two AMSRS Best Presentation Awards and a People Choice Award for his papers on what makes the opposite sexes really attract, presented both nationally and internationally. Derek now turns his attention to the impact of abundance on our excitement, anticipation and value of what we consume, acquire and experience. Derek hopes to explore and find out what the impact of technology and proliferation of consumerism has had on how we experience things – for better or worse.