Feedback from IIeX Asia Pacific 2014

Thanks to all attendees and supporters of IIeX Asia Pacific 2014 for making the event a success! Online discussion about the event can be found through the #iiexap14 hashtag on Twitter, and below are the experiences of attendees who shared on their blogs and through social media outlets:

Inaugural Insight Innovation eXchange Asia-Pacific in Sydney Raises the Bar and Hits the Spot by David McCallum (Gordon & McCallum)
“Just back from the Sydney IIeX Conference, first in Asia-Pacific, co-run by GreenBook and AMSRS. Ticked all the boxes from my perspective, especially the balance between highlighting the potential of new technologies and demonstrating practical applications that can be implemented today. There was something new or of interest in almost every session, so thanks to the speakers for putting in fresh ideas and new perspectives in short, well-focused presentations. The surplus of questions at the end of each talk was testament to their content. Praise also to the facilitators of the panel sessions who kept the momentum up throughout and to the panel members for their open and forthright views.”

It’s Finally About the People Who Participate In Our Research by Annie Pettit (Research Now)
“I’ve advocated on behalf of people who participate in our surveys for so long that I sometimes feel like a broken record. But today, on numerous occasions, speakers specifically demanded that we treat people like human beings. We might think we’re already doing that but the percentage of people who don’t know what being screened out means says differently. We still write really long surveys and we still write them as if we’re Charles Dickens not J. K. Rowlings. What I heard today is that more and more researchers are starting to think about and talk to research participants as if they are actual human beings. Strange concept. I look forward to seeing this theory become reality.”